Tommy Waldrop Appointed as COO of Alabama Lightwave

CENTREVILLE, AL – Alabama Lightwave is excited to announce the appointment of Tommy Waldrop as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the company. Residing in Pennington, Alabama, Tommy Waldrop brings a wealth of experience to the team, having previously established and managed Waldrop Wireless, an Alabama-based tower services firm.  Tommy has led Waldrop Wireless […]

Alabama Lightwave Expands Coverage Area in Brent

Fast, reliable internet in this day and age is growing increasingly important. With many jobs offering more remote opportunities, as well as the now normal online aspects of education from elementary school to college – and while we’re at it, the ever-expanding demand to be online in countless other aspects of daily life for us […]

Alabama Lightwave Announces Service Expansion in South Bibb County

CENTREVILLE, AL – Governor Kay Ivey on Monday [December 28, 2020] announced that she has extended the successful Alabama Broadband Connectivity for Students program into 2021 thanks to a provision in the latest COVID-19 relief package passed by Congress last week and signed by President Trump on Sunday evening. Alabama Lightwave Inc, a Bibb County […]

Wireless High Speed Broadband Project Announced For Centreville

Bibb County has a Internet Speed & Connectivity problem, just like most of rural Alabama and America. Lack of high speed internet access is a problem for businesses, students, anyone employed in industry or agriculture, and all rural households. By record-keeping definition, the small towns existing in Bibb County today are still classified as rural […]