Service Packages

Pricing should be fair, straight-forward, and easy to understand when buying internet services. You can find our full pricing chart for all services below, including for commercial accounts.

Do you have more specialized networking needs that are not covered in our offerings below? No problem! Click here to navigate to our contact page, fill out our customer inquiry form, and let us know how we can help. We look forward to serving you.

Included in All Packages

  • Identical download and upload speed on all packages Does your current internet service provider do this today?
  • Free installation for a limited time We utilize one outdoor receiver, and one Vilo router in our standard installation. If you need additional Vilos to cover your entire house in wireless signal, they can be purchased for a one-time charge of $50.
  • No censorship ever
  • No throttling or data caps

Additional Services

Require purchase of a base plan

  • Full featured phone line including unlimited domestic minutes, caller ID, and e-911

    $25 / month

  • After-hours support number for 24/7 priority support

    $100 / month

  • Managed router and security gateway

    $100 / month

  • Whole-home wireless mesh wifi system installation (recommended for larger houses with multiple floors)

    $500–1,000 one-time fee

  • Setup and provisioning of custom email for your home or business (example:

    $500 setup fee

    $10 / month per user

  • Web hosting

    $50 / month

  • Specialized IT consulting services

    $150 / hour

What about taxes and fees?

We don’t charge any kind of hidden fees for our service. There is however a franchise or license fee collected by your local government and shown on your bill. These fees are collected by us when you pay your bill, and distributed to your local government for funding police, fire, ambulances, and other city services.