Internet that works in places like this.

An eXtended Range internet service offering from Alabama Lightwave.


Downtown quality highspeed internet is now available to rural houses and businesses just like yours. With Lightwave XR from Alabama Lightwave, you can enjoy a blazing fast no-compromise internet experience that works in places where traditional fiber and 5G networks do not reach.

How It Works

Outside your home or business, we’ll install a Lightwave XR receiver. This is a small antenna that picks up internet signal from a nearby Lightwave XR tower. That antenna is connected to a modem inside your premises that can deliver both wifi and hard-wired internet to devices nearby. Both the receiver and indoor modem are provided during install at no additional cost to you

Our installers handle all the setup and installation work for you to make sure Lightwave XR works at maximum performance.

No Rain Fade

Unlike many rural internet offerings, Lightwave XR remains operational and fast even during heavy rain events. No need to cancel the football watch party because of rain. You can stream and game with confidence on Lightwave XR.


Common internet applications such as Netflix, working-from-home, gaming, and streaming all work without compromise on Lightwave XR.

  1. Average Download Speeds from 50mbps-100mbps.
  2. Average Upload Speeds from 5mbps-10mbps.
  3. Average Latency from 20ms to 50ms to nearby SpeedTest servers.


An average family with several streaming services running or games playing in the house should have an excellent experience on Lightwave XR.

We do not throttle your internet, censor anything, or impose data caps for high usage.

You can stream as much as you want without concerns of overage bills or other surprise charges.

Startup Cost & Monthly Fee


$85 / Month

$149 Install Fee​, 1-Year Contract
$399 Install Fee, No Contract


$100 / Month

$149 Install Fee​, 1-Year Contract
$399 Install Fee, No Contract

Taxes & Fees

The pricing shown above is ALL IN and includes whatever taxes or fees are imposed by your local government. No hidden fees for monthly service when you buy internet from Alabama Lightwave!

Next Steps

To check if Lightwave XR, the eXtended Range internet offering from Alabama Lightwave, is available at your home or business, please fill out the Order Service form below. An Alabama Lightwave Customer Experience expert will contact you ASAP after sign-up to determine if we can reach your location.

Please enter any additional notes that are relevant to this request.

Areas Served With Lightwave XR


(Bibb County)


(Choctaw County)


(Jefferson County, Coming Soon)