Alabama Lightwave Expands Network into Butler via Acquisition of Wolf Broadband

BUTLER, ALABAMA — In a landmark move to improve internet connectivity in the Butler area, Alabama Lightwave is proud to announce its strategic acquisition of Wolf Broadband, a key local provider of internet services in Choctaw County. This acquisition, effective as of February 23rd, 2024, marks a significant milestone for Butler residents, who can look forward to enhanced internet services under the unified ‘Alabama Lightwave’ brand.

Founded in June of 2018 by Choctaw County native Jason Jimerson, Wolf Broadband was established with a mission to deliver superior internet service to the residents and businesses of Butler. The company’s deployment in Butler notably improved internet speed and reliability, laying a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Jason Jimerson stated, “Joining forces with Alabama Lightwave is a big step for my hometown. It’s about bringing world-class connectivity to my friends and family, ensuring that our area isn’t left behind in the digital age. I’m excited to see how our initial vision will grow and evolve with Alabama Lightwave’s expertise and resources.”

Jason Jimerson, Founder of Wolf Broadband (Left) & Josh Lambert, President of Alabama Lightwave (Right)

The acquisition by Alabama Lightwave promises to build on Wolf Broadband’s achievements. Immediate plans include upgrading existing internet distribution sites with the latest network technologies and expanding coverage to reach previously underserved areas in Choctaw County.

Josh Lambert, President of Alabama Lightwave, emphasized the company’s commitment: “Broadband expansion in Alabama remains our top priority. The integration of Wolf Broadband is a pivotal advancement towards connecting more rural communities with high-quality internet. Recognizing the critical role of reliable internet in business, healthcare, education, and leisure, we are dedicated to delivering a service that not only meets today’s needs but is also poised for the future’s demands. We’re eager to bring service offerings to the residents of Choctaw County, fostering a competitive business environment and enhancing the quality of life.”

Since its inception in 2019, Alabama Lightwave has been committed to building a network competitive with internet offerings found in major cities. With operations initially starting in Centreville, the network has expanded to include large parts of Brent, Jemison, and Eoline with additional expansion planned over the coming months. Guided by principles against throttling, data caps, protection of customer privacy, and no internet censorship, Alabama Lightwave stands firm in its belief that everyone deserves access to uncompromised internet service.

For existing Wolf Broadband customers, Alabama Lightwave promises a seamless transition with enhanced service offerings and support. The company is also exploring opportunities for community engagement and local employment to further contribute to Choctaw County’s economic and social vitality.

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